Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Jamilyn, I am a wife, mom and certified Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach and I firmly believe nutrition is the foundation to a whole, happy and healthy life. 

I believe this because I live it. Throughout the years I have looked to homeopathy to treat illness in my family, guide me through conceptions troubles, and help me heal after a miscarriage and serious health threats. I've also used my knowledge to help my husband better his professional career as an athlete through food and wellness. In the process I've become passionate about natural childbirth, attachment parenting, health and wellness, alternative medicine, homeopathy, essential oils, homeschooling, the environment, and sustainability. 

However, my biggest passion is sharing knowledge. After receiving my Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach certification, I realized that I wanted to write the blog I wish I had.  Am I an expert? No. Do I have

all the answers? Absolutely not. Do I have a lot of knowledge and experience from my life? Yes. 

Sometimes I turn to science and research for answers, and other times I look to my community to teach me how to be a better mom, wife, and coach. For example, I’ve learned a lot from my own mother. She’s pretty amazing. I’ve learned from my amazing doula and auntie who has flooded my life with wisdom and given me a library (literally) to read to educate myself. I’ve taken

research and reading into my own hands and dug deep into finding answers when the healthcare system failed us. 

This isn’t a blog dedicated to one issue, because I want to be comprehensive. This is a blog that looks at  nutrition, parenting, birthing, and  marriage simultaneously.

Because let’s be honest, we all wear a million hats in a day. We are parents, partners, coworkers, friends, sisters, brothers and the list goes on. This blog is just about

the things I have come to learn in my life. I feel like our story is so “out of the box” that people often ask

us “why” because they have never seen first hand someone do the things we have done or are doing.

My hope is that the person reading it would feel encouraged and enlightened. It may not be the normal

way, but it’s  our way….