Valentine's Day Traditions for the whole family

My husband and I have been together since junior and senior year of high school. We’ve celebrated about 15 Valtentine's Days together and to be honest, many of them were pretty much just another day. We’ve never really done anything too spectacular, or even really did much at all some years. But when we had our first daughter we decided to put a little more effort into our V-Day traditions because let’s just be real, holidays are so much more fun with kids. We’ve created our own traditions, and kinda change it up year to year, but overall the theme is showing each other some extra love for the day. These are all inexpensive or FREE if you have what you need at home. Here are some ideas to show a little extra loooooove this Valentine's Day!

I.Countdown to V-Day

This one is my all time favorite, and a definite crowd pleaser. I remember the first year we did this, our daughter was about to be 2 and she LOVED it. Every day, starting on February 1st, you write down one thing you love about that family member on a small cut out heart and place it somewhere they will enjoy. We have done it on the kids bedroom door, or in the dining room on the wall, bathroom mirror, wherever you want. This is is so much fun to see what your family member loves about you each day for two weeks! My husband and I each do 7. Each kid gets 14 hearts with something daddy and I love about them.

All you need is:

Pink or red construction paper


Marker or pen


Just simply cut out 14 hearts, write “I love you because… “ on 14 (or however many family members you have X 14) and get to wrtting.

II. Lovie Bags

Instead of goodie bags with cheap dollarstore toys, I do lovie bags. I don’t spend more than $10-$15 per kid. I find cute, meaningful things with a candy or two to put in each bag. And place it on the table in the morning (kinda like an easter basket idea) for them to see when they first wake up on Valentine's Day.

III. Special family gift or activity.

We’ve gotten puzzles, movies, fondu set, mini waffle maker etc for them to open and use that day. I like this to be centered on an activity or something to do as a family. I got the mini waffle maker this year, to make them a special breakfast on Valentine's Day morning.


This is especially fun for younger kids, as they are learning colors and things. Make a list to take to the grocery store of all of the foods they can think of that are red or pink. Maybe there are foods they can think of that they haven't tried yet? Here's a small list of red & pink themed foods:

*Fruits & Vegetables:

Strawberries, Watermelon, apples, grapes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, cherries, cranberries, pomagranet, dragon fruit

*Pantry Items:

Spaghetti or Ravioli with marinara, jello, wafer cookies, strawberry yogurt covered pretzels, pink marshmallows

*Refridgerator Items:

Strawberry cream cheese, strawberry milk, salsa, strawberry yogurt

Have fun with it and see how many they can come up with. Once you're at the store, they will love looking for things that are red and pink.

V. Savenger Hunt - Find all the Chocolates

I don't know about yours, but my kids LOVE finding and collecting things in a bag all over the house. "Easter egg hunts" year round with different things. For Christmas, our Elf on the shelf hides candycanes for them to find.. and the list goes on. They even do it for each other with shopkins, dinosaurs or stuffed animals. So stinking cute. So hide a certain amount of kisses around the house for them to find and watch their little faces light up.

VI. Decorate Cookies!

Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or for whatever you want, decorating cookies always brings hours of fun! Whether they are just decorating or helping roll out dough and bake them, this is always a family favorite. We make special cookies with our extended families household names on them and deliver to them.

VII. Make love bags, cards or cookies for family & friends and deliver

We write little love notes, and deliver cookies to family and friends. The kids love delivering them and seeing their families faces light up with surprise. A way to spread love and see the people you love for a second on the day of love.

VIII. Fancy restaurant style dinner at home

Thanks to covid, dinner reservations are a thing of the past. Skip the outdoor dining and make a fancy restaurant style dinner at home. Let the kids drink out of fancy glasses, get sparkling cider, light some candles, bust out the fancy placemats, play some relaxing music and cook up the yummiest dinner you can think of. Go a step farther and dress up in fancy clothes. Our daughter LOVES setting the table for fancy dinners. Get the whole family involved!

IX. Watch a movie together & snuggle up with some Popcorn and red and pink m&m's

Pick a movie that has a theme of love, which really isn't hard. Maybe a Disney movie, or one that just makes you feel all the feels. Grab a bag of Valentine's themed m&m's and sprinkle over your popcorn and snuggle up as a family for a movie night.

Whatever you do, whether big or small, having fun with colors and loving on each other is what the day is all about. What Valentine's Day traditions does your family do?